frequently asked questions

  • what does "print release" mean?    print release allows you to print your photographs for personal use (such as display in your home, scrap booking, etc) and online social media sharing.  it does not allow editing or selling the image in any way.
  • how will i see the photos we created together?    in approximately 2 weeks (or sooner) i will send you a link to enter your online gallery. 
  • how long is the online gallery active?   5 days. there is a fee of $25.00 to re-launch your gallery.
  • what is a digital file?    the term "digital file" replaces what was commonly known as a "negative"  -  a file is ONE image with a (.jpg) format.
  • what if i don't want my photos used on blogs, social media, or any public online access?   this is no problem as i want all my clients to feel comfortable and understand that certain circumstances may apply.  we will review all options and sign the necessary forms
  • how do i use paypal?  please send payment to by selecting "send money to friends and family."
  • how do I use venmo?  please search for Jaclyn Everts
  • when do i make a payment?  payment is expected in full: before or at time of photo session.


moomoo photography reserves the rights to all digital files and has the right to publish and use photos for promotional purposes. all images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or used promotionally without permission.