i have always seen the world as challenging, rewarding, surprising, and know that something unexpected is right around the corner.  it excites me.  i am fortunate to be able to spend time on personal interests ~ photography and raising a puppy are my top two. i come from a family of all girls and being the youngest has made me an observer.  perhaps that is why i am detail oriented and am always looking forward to change.  i have an innate ability to connect to animals of all kinds - they are my passion.  i love vanilla cupcakes,  the zoo,  cowgirl boots, singing (bring your ear plugs) and wish that i could fly.


my wish is to create with my clients and have ... Life. Captured.

this is me and my southern handsome gentleman, buford!



moomoo photography is named after my first golden retriever, molly.  through her life

she had many nicknames:  goose, pants, angel, peanut butter pie...but the one name called

by most was "moomoo".

Molly aka "moomoo"