photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still
— Dorthea Lange

isn't it interesting that a certain scent can make you "feel" or "recall" a time in your life?

  or you hear a song and suddenly vivid memories catch up to you?

what cookie or candy bar takes you back to your childhood after the first bite?  how about sitting down and looking through old photos and

before you know it hours have passed by?


this is what moomoo photography is all about. 


to capture. life. through not only what we see but through what we feel.


my goal is to document your story in a natural and organic way through memory-driven images.



moomoo photography is named after my First golden retriever, molly.  through her life she had many nicknames:  mouse, goose, PANTS, angel, sweet girl .... but the one name called by most was